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  • Dear Lustre Craft:
    I originally purchased the full set of Lustre Craft soon after graduation from high school. At that time salesmen where going to your home. I kept the boxes under my bed at my parents’ home for a while, until I moved to my own apartment. I began using them daily and have used them since. Last month I sent back two pans that had lost their handles. Your company replaced these 50 year old pans with new ones! I can’t tell you how happy I am to have made such a wise decision when I was so young. I would recommend your product to anyone. I now live with my sister, who does most of the cooking. We have the large skillet that she loves. It has become warped over the years; however she refuses to part with it long enough to mail it to you for replacement. That is how happy she still is with it regardless of the condition of the outside bottom! Again–I am very satisfied with the pans and highly recommend that cooks everywhere take advantage of this superior product and warranty!

    Barbara from Lincoln, CA

  • Dear Lustre Craft:
    We are very proud of our stainless steel West Bend cookware. Having worked in the food industry since the end of WWII, it is a delight to own such a high quality stainless steel system that is made here in the USA.

    Phil from Tucson, AZ

  • Dear Lustre Craft:
    Hello, I want to thank you for the marvelous job you did on my Lustre Craft pots. I’ve used them for 42 plus years and rely on them as they always cook food quite fine. I never expected to get them fixed and it was by chance that I saw the waterless cookware display at the fair, asked the people, and got your address. You sure made my day! Thanks for fixing them.

    Ruth from Freedom, PA

  • Dear Lustre Craft:
    My oven has been out of order for two weeks now. I’m SOOOOOOOO glad to have my Lustre Craft cookware as I can do so much with it. [I] made the pineapple upside down cake since I haven’t baked any goodies lately and MAN it is good!

    Sally from Salem, OR

  • Dear Lustre Craft:
    My set is 30 years old, and it still cooks amazingly. I am in need of replacing the handles and the lid tops. After 30 years, they are just [wearing out]. I have considered replacing my set for a shiny one that is meant to cook as well as mine. However, I realized mine has mellowed in its shine because of all of the years our family has cooked and scrubbed these pots. I happened to look at family photos recently, and through all of these years the kitchen photos have our same pots and pans. Our youngest daughter grew up to be a phenomenal chef. Her early years are with these pots and pans. Replacing them would be like letting go of a family member for a new one. We couldn’t have that now could we?

    Alice from Ventura, CA

  • Dear Lustre Craft:
    Our cookware is 30 years old and the best INVESTMENT my wife ever made. Great product! A+A+A+!

    John from Paragould, AR

  • Dear Lustre Craft:
    My son and I attended a show at a festival in November of 2004. I don’t know who was more excited when we received the cookware my son or me. We both love to cook with it. It was a very good investment. Cooking entire meals is quick and easy with this cookware. Did I mention that my son is 13?

    Mary from White City, FL

  • Dear Lustre Craft:
    We bought our set 40 years ago. Once you’ve had the best nothing else compares!

    Nancy from Glendale, AZ

  • Dear Lustre Craft:
    My husband and I went to a demonstration at a friend’s house and we ended up having a demonstration at our house. We really loved the cookware. We use it all the time. We have the Electric Skillet and it is wonderful. We have been using the cookware for 29 years.

    Esther from Crossville, TN

  • Dear Lustre Craft:
    I am so glad that I found your website. A hope chest dealer came to my door more than 30 years ago and made me an offer I could not refuse. Being 18 and engaged to be married, I thought it would be a great investment to purchase your cookware. I cannot remember what I paid for it, but I remember making monthly payments. As a young girl, it was a large purchase for me; I was just a waitress in a small restaurant in Negaunee, MI. But today, I’m 48, still married, and still using your cookware. I feel it was all worth it.

    Mary from Cathedral City, CA

  • Dear Lustre Craft:
    I haven’t received my set yet; however, I am excited about it because I’ve debated between buying yours and a competitor’s for almost 10 years. I just couldn’t make up my mind. Each State Fair and each Strawberry Festival would leave me undecided and confused UNTIL yesterday when Virgil Tanner’s humor and sincere urging to BUY AMERICAN made the deepest impression on me. Buying American is extremely important to me because my daddy gave his life as an American soldier fighting in Vietnam. I will pay more to buy American every time. I had almost bought at your competitor’s show, but left when the chef there began bickering with the lady in front of me about what she was (or rather was NOT) buying and made some prejudiced and anti-Semitic remarks, which I found offensive. Somehow, I couldn’t see Virgil, or Lorin, or Damon, who were kind enough to help me with my order and found out answers to all my questions, doing that. There was no high pressure, no pushiness, no insincerity, and no rudeness. Nothing that could ever be a discredit to your company’s name displayed at any time by the three people I saw at the Lustre Craft display. I am truly excited about what I bought and when I wrote on my order that Virgil was the “clincher” for my purchase, he truly was. Please commend him for that. I hope that the supervisor for the three people I mentioned here will give them the kudos that they so richly deserve for being outstanding representatives of your company, especially Virgil Tanner. Once again, thank not only you for the quality of your products but especially the quality and INTEGRITY of your personnel.

    Thea from Brandon, FL

  • Dear Lustre Craft:
    I love my cookware. I’ve had it almost 2 years now and still feel so blessed to have such wonderful cookware. Thank you!

    Sarah from Mystic, CT

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