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  • Dear Lustre Craft:
    Thank you for the speedy repair of my cook-pot and lid. They look fantastic! Your service is great! Buying your cookware shortly after we were married in 1961 was one the best things we ever did. The pots were always top of the line, and they have lasted through the years. Our daughters received other brands of cookware as gifts, and there is no comparison in quality and durability.

    Judy Merisko

  • Dear Lustre Craft:
    We have just purchased our third set of cookware! We have been so delighted with the cookware that we purchased a second set, … gave my daughter my first set, and just two weeks ago purchased a Basic Set for my son. We want the best for our family and grand-kids!

    Ted & Terry from Deer Park, TX

  • Dear Lustre Craft:
    I want to thank you for taking the time to speak to me the other day. I have been cooking like crazy since we spoke and I can’t tell you how much I enjoy veggies now! I can’t believe how well they taste! I can’t believe it! I made mashed potatoes; they tasted like I never tasted potatoes before and I am not a potatoes type person! Then I made summer squash, zucchini, a little onion, carrots, and some broccoli … yummmm! I can’t believe how much more taste is in the veggies! What a difference! Back when I was in my early 20’s and going to get married, I went to a demonstration on your waterless cookware and decided to purchase it; but the next day changed my mind and cancelled it. Why? Cost. Here I am 30 some years later and I bought my first waterless cookware and could kick myself for not buying way back then….oh well! Anyways, thank you again. And, I may still call from time to time to speak to you about cooking. And if in the upcoming year you see cooking classes being scheduled for people like me, and if you remember, please forward the classes to me. Thank you again!


  • Dear Lustre Craft:
    When we first married in February of 1958, we lived in the small town of Ypsilanti, Michigan. We didn’t have much money and rented an apartment. One day a real nice door-to-door salesman came by to sell pots and pans. We didn’t have [any] but one we got from the five & dime store. He said we could make a small monthly payment, which we did for about a year. I had never seen such shiny and beautiful pans in my life. Those pans have lived in 5 different states and cooked for us and our 5 children for 50 years! They still cook everything just right. Thank you for making such a wonderful product!

    Mr. & Mrs. Colston from Ayden, NC

  • Dear Lustre Craft:
    I was very unsure about it. I watched several demos for a few years and then my husband said he wanted to get it for me. The cost was more than I wanted to spend but … Dan Galligan (who I have watched) and his daughter and son in law, I thought okay. I have eaten enough of the promo food that they make and it was all great, but what got me was the boiled eggs and corn, and how fast a salad can be made. When I got home in October I started to use the cookware and I love it! That is all I can say about it.

    Jenny from Neillsville, WI

  • Dear Lustre Craft:
    We attended Bruce and Mary’s cooking class – fantastic! Rated A++ from 2 retired teachers! Would love to take more. We had to leave in order to get to a wedding and made it there just 3 minutes before the bride came down the aisle! We are feeling more confident about the cookware use since this fabulous class. Cute couple with great sense of humor! We are looking forward to someday taking another class. The next time, we hopefully will not be rushing out the door to get to a wedding! Thanks for the great class. Very worthwhile.

    David & Marnie from Livonia, MI

  • Dear Lustre Craft:
    My cookware is awesome! You would not believe how it looks after all these years. She said it would last a lifetime but I just thought it was a sales pitch. I was 19 when I bought it. My mother used some of the pieces for a few years but I have it back now and I am 66. The cookware looks great and cooks great. Thank you for an awesome product that has stood the test of time.

    Freida from Sevierville, TN

  • Dear Lustre Craft:
    I’m not sure where to go to thank the company for sending me a new knob for my lid! But I sure appreciate the quick response to my problem! I treasure my cookware! I’ve often said that should a fire occur in my home, besides pictures, my cookware would be grabbed up quickly! One time while in Hawaii, we stayed in a condo that had the cookware like I first purchased over 30 years ago. It was in such bad shape, I almost cried! It had never been appreciated and cared for and I almost asked if I could take it home and clean it up it looked so bad! At the time that I purchased my first set, I had also purchased one for my daughter, who was getting married, and her [set] still looks very good! And, to think, I bought my entire set for $300.00. Actually, with the “freebies” I got with my upgraded set, it’s still a good value! Thanks again!

    Jacquie from Vancouver, WA

  • Dear Lustre Craft:
    I’ve used the skillet faithfully over forty-four years. Never had any problems until about a month ago: oil leakage. Returned to company and the replacement is being replaced free of charge! Never have I heard of a company that stands behind their warranty especially after all these years! I purchased the whole cookware line when I was single. I’m now 63 and as I stated this skillet has been used almost daily. Keep on manufacturing this amazing product. Patricia Kerr

    Amazing Warranty

  • Dear Lustre Craft:
    I met Dave, the owner of your company, at the NY state fair this past August and he gave me a great deal on the entire set of cookware. I just wanted to say thanks; it was the best investment I have ever made. I can’t wait to cook dinner every night. Our food tastes so much better. Even our guests can tell the difference. Happy Holidays to everyone at Lustre Craft and thanks again for a wonderful product made in America. Kimberlee Williamson

    The Best Investment

  • Dear Lustre Craft:
    I would love to do a commercial! Dad made me buy your product at age 16 to establish credit. Was I mad! I still have your product and am 53 years old.

    1970’s Pots and Pans

  • Dear Lustre Craft:
    I just made a boneless turkey breast, cut up potatoes, and corn in the Slo-Cooker. The turkey is the juiciest one I have ever tasted. The potatoes and corn don’t need any butter, they soaked up the juices from the turkey, and minimal water was used. Thanksgiving dinner for two is perfect in the slow cooker. I would recommend this cookware to anyone!

    Thanksgiving in the Slo-Cooker

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