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  • I bought my cookware in 1983 and gave it to my mother. It’s the only cookware she has used all these years. The knob on one of the tops has broke but it still works. Who would have ever thought it would still be in excellent condition after all these years!

    Dawn Harden Keels from Atlanta, Ga

  • My fiancĂ© and I were planning our wedding when a friend of ours asked if he could set an appointment with us to demonstrate a cookware product. We were interested and said, “yes”. That was in 1957. We purchased a set of Lustre Craft cookware from him and have used it for 60 years. During the demonstration we were impressed with the feature of waterless cooking which we had never heard of before. It truly must be a healthy way of food preparation because we are both in our 80’s and have excellent health. Of course we are aware of good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, but food preparation is an important part of nutrition. This set of cookware has moved with us to many parts of the U.S. and beyond. It is still in fine condition. No dents or bruises. The only time we had a problem was when as a young bride, I set the gas burner on the stove too high and damaged the handle on the small saucepan. I contacted Lustre Craft. The company not only sent us a replacement handle for the small saucepan but also sent replacement handles for the entire set. We were amazed. When this company promises a lifetime warranty they mean it and proudly stand behind this American made product. Our set of Lustre Craft cookware is the best investment we made when we started our new life together. We would do it all over again if we needed cookware but we don’t due to the quality of this product. (Feb. 1, 2017)

    Lois and Joe from Tuscon, Arizona

  • I purchased my pots and pans in 1961 or 1962 from a door to door salesman. I’m still using the pots and pans and I still love them, and they still look like new. I have the square pots and pans , perfect for pouring. Thank you for such a great product.

    Gail (Jill) Bojan from New Lenox, IL

  • I purchased my lustre craft set from my cousin, Bob Sturtevant, who was representing lustre craft, in 1957 just before I graduated from nursing school. I have used it daily ever since then, and aside from a couple broken handles, it is in perfect shape! A great value!

    Betty from Westlake Village, CA

  • My parents bought a set of Lustre Craft for me in 1962 before my marriage in April of that year. I am still using most of the pots but have discarded a couple because the handles broke off. It is fabulous cookware and I can’t believe I still have most of the set after 54 years of use! Glad to see you are still in business!

    Robyn from Frisco, TX

  • Dear Luster Craft:

    My mom bought her set in the early 60s. It has been heavily used daily for over 46 years now. A few years ago I was able to trade my mother my Calphalon Stainless for these (which i always wanted) when her fancy new high tech cooktop didn’t work with them. These are so superior and indestructible compared to anything you can buy even in the fancier cooking stores. Except for the handles, which are showing wear after all that use, these look brand new. They have burned things and been scoured, cooked on electric and gas, been banged on for new years, and they are perfect.

    Stacy Oakey from Chicago area

  • Hi my name is Susan and I have been a Lustre Craft owner for 47 years. While in high school in Brea, CA, the senior girls were given the opportunity to buy a 22 piece set of pots and pans. These pans were very costly at the time but my mother thought it was a good investment at $250.00
    Well, I still have them and are the only pans I have ever owned! They will never wear out! My daughter says she can’t wait to inherit them. I told her she will just have to wait because I’m not done with them yet. What a lifetime bargain I got! Thank you Lustre Craft.

    Susan from Rocklin, CA

  • I purchased my set of Lustre Craft cookware in 1967, but didn’t use it until I got married in 1972. While my marriage didn’t last, my cookware did! I have used it every day and have never had to purchase any other cookware. It cooks beautifully and is a breeze to clean. After 44 years of daily use, it still looks like new. What a terrific product! One of the best investments I’ve ever made!

    Dawne from Glenmont, NY

  • I bought a complete set of this at the Texas State Fair over 20 years ago .. it is used daily and heavily .. every time I moved – which has been a lot, this is one of my main items of value to get packed first. .. it still looks brand new and I have not bought one single pot other than a pressure cooker for canning since buying these – yes they are expensive – but if you average how often you replace a burnt pan it’s worth it in the long run … they maintain heat on low and are easy to clean .. love – love these .. what prompted my review was I am currently cooking a meal in them and was telling my husband how much i have loved these pots over the years.

    Sue Evans from Ohio

  • Dear Lustre Craft:
    When my husband and I traveled to the Louisiana Shrimp Festival, the LAST thing we considered purchasing was cookware. We were very interested in finding authentic Cajun food (of which we found little). We happened upon your cooking show, and sat for a demonstration. As my husband’s Mama had a set of waterless cookware 40 years ago, we were very interested in listening to the presentation, and subsequently purchased the “Family” set. I could not wait for my cookware to arrive! I received my cookware late Friday – about 2 weeks after purchase. It was too late on Friday to cook, so Saturday I decided to make FRIED chicken in the cookware. Now, I KNOW you promote healthy eating, but some Southerners have a hard time letting go of those fried foods. I wanted to let you know that your cookware does extremely well with more traditional cooking as well. I still used med-to-low heat, and I did use less oil with very little salt. The skinless white-meat chicken was delicious and tender. On Sunday I found pork chops in the freezer, and made my Mama’s favorite chop dish – which still required frying. Again, I used less oil with little salt, and allowed the cookware to do its business. The chops were astoundingly tender – yet crispy. My husband immediately declared that our unexpected purchase was a “good buy!”

    Patti from Benton, AR

  • I was preparing my lima beans this morning, and pulled out the large 6 qt. pot, saying to my husband, that these must be the best cookware we have ever bought. Then we realized that we had had them for about 30 years and they still look like BRAND NEW. Back then, the price was an astronomical +/- $400 for a whole set of 6 pots. Friends thought we were nuts spending so much on pots. Nothing has stuck to them, they withstood Brillo Pads, and being dropped by overzealous kids; they have been banging against each other, and still look better than any normal pot or pan will ever look like after a few years. We thought we should share that with you and thank you for selling these pots on military installations in Germany to US soldiers back in 1982.

    Liz from Killeen, TX

  • Dear Lustre Craft:

    My fiance and I worked on that pan with a few different cleaners after the water stain affected it, including ketchup and lemon juice. Well, low and behold, the pan looks just as good as it did before the accident! It is the one pan that I have used several times a week for 45 years, so it was not a perfect one. Most of the set is as shiny and pretty, as it was to begin with. The egg poacher still looks like brand new and was not effected. I just thank God that it was one of your company’s pans that overheated, because a cheaper brand may have shattered or melted on the glass top stove. Thank you for responding to my inquiry in such a timely manner. Keep well. Thanks, again!

    June from Eustis

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