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  • Dear Lustre Craft: We like you product so much that we recently purchased our second set with the intent to share it with our girls. We attended a local Home Show as a “fun thing” to do and listened to Mark Payne’s presentation in Manchester, NH. This visit provided us with a review of what we had heard in early 20 when we purchased our first set. Mark’s presentation provided a review and made us aware of all that the cookware can do as we had forgotten a lot of stuff! We visited with mark after his presentation and we noted that he was going to be in Portsmouth, NH the next weekend. We again attended his demonstration in Portsmouth and purchased our second set. SUGGESTION: consider obtaining each prospective buyer’s email address at each demonstration and creating a means to notify these folds of “upcoming” local presentations (on an as desired basis.) We were definitely impressed in 2000 and we were impressed again this year.

    Pierre and Valerie Boisvert

  • Dear Lustre Craft:
    My wife purchased a set of West Bend’s Lustre Craft cookware in 1960. She loves it, and wouldn’t know what to do without it. However, the welded handle connection to the two-quart sauce pan has broken off.

    She purchased this cookware from me at the time. I had just met her while demonstrating the cookware, and totally lost it half way though the demo. I was smitten. I didn’t make any commission off the sale, and instead persuaded her to marry me. Your cookware has been very durable, and last – just like my wife. As per your instructions, I am enclosing the pan for repair, with a check for $8.00.

    Thank you for the effort.


    Gary Krueger from Baxter, MN

  • Dear Lustre Craft: I have owned the basic set of Lustre Craft pots since the early 1970s. I have never owned another set of pots since and they are as nice today as they were when I bought them. I plan on handing them down to my daughter some day. Thank you for the best pots ever!

    Eileen Elliott from Brighton, MI

  • Dear Lustre Craft:
    Cindy Hostbjor and Sandy Hayes shared this email with us from a customer who saw the demo on a Saturday, and then came back that Sunday with husband. She walked into their booth and stated, “I want the WORKS! But I want my husband to watch the demo so he can experience what I experienced.”

    Hi Cindy,
    My cookware has arrived and I’m so excited to start using it. I just got rid of all my pots and pans, along with all my old bake-ware. All I have and need is my new Lustre Craft Cookware. Just wanted to let you know that I love my set and the Kitchen Kutter. I also got rid of my old food processor.

    Lori Birdenbaker

  • Dear Lustre Craft:
    Thanks for the replacement knob. The lid now works fine. We sure do enjoy using your product. Thank for your friendly service!

    Michael and Sally Bruce

  • Dear Lustre Craft:
    This set of pots and pans are without a doubt the best I’ve ever owned (and I’ve tried many!) Nothing has held up as well and stayed flat with no warping. You need that kind of quality these days with glass top ranges! With thirty years of a wonderful product I thank you!

    Jill from Blue Ridge, GA

  • Dear Lustre Craft:
    Would you like to hear about how I sing (or talk) about Lustre Craft? I hope so!

    It’s only been a short while for me to experience the easy tasty treats. During the demonstration, the cooking show host emphasized to me the value of lower temperature and no additional water! Getting to taste the variety of vegetables and meat left me in the know. When I came to understand that the natural moisture content of these foods and a low heat setting combined with the high tech construction of the pans is all one needs to cook with Lustre Craft Cookware. I was able to see that spices and rubs and other seasonings are not necessary. The taste is already there. One just needs to know how to preserve it.

    In my Customer Care Certificate (which I think I should have handed in at the demonstration,) I did tell how the waterless demonstration affected me right after the Farm and Ranch Show close to where I live at Wichita, Kansas. I praise the delicious flavor the utensils bring out in the food. Also, it is a good a selling point that one can buy a lifetime product and that if something should happen there will be no additional cost – it would be under warranty. I have additional praise now that I see that the utensils do the same for me as how was talked about. Unfortunately the Basic set, with all its extra features of the Kitchen Kutter, Gourmet Skillet, Gourmet Slow cooker, and white bowl almost didn’t get delivered on time. I’m happy to report that I did get it in sufficient time, but the salesman spent a good quantity of his tracking and talking skills when it mattered most to this customer to have the shipment by Christmas. Thanks go to not only Lustre Craft but to the salesman, James Glendenning, too.

    The Gourmet Slow Cooker, which I easily renamed the “Slow Cook Crock Pot,” was used Christmas Eve with a turkey-noodle mixture. I raised and served 24 frozen whole wheat rolls on the double burner griddle (seems like the company wants to retire it.) I have also taken a large frozen pizza, given it a slice through the middle, and stretched the halves so that all the crust lays flat and served also on the same surface. Pizza is a finger food for us so I used a plastic knife for slicing the smaller pieces. It took a second batch of corn-on-the-cob before I understood how to “brown” food. I used the Kitchen Kutter and I thought the suction self stand was a really good feature. You have an amazingly good lifetime warranty!

    I can’t stack four units together like chef at the demonstration, but each of my kids (each received three pieces of the Basic Set) would do it for me if I asked.

    It was impressed to me, in both my Home Economics class in high school and in Emporia State Teacher’s College, the value of not throwing away water from cooking utensils and of watching to preserve vitamins and minerals that are just below the surface of the skin in vegetables. I learned to be mindful of healthy cooking.

    I think that you made real good selection of the Farm and Ranch show as a venue for the demonstration I watched, because we farmers are the roots eating healthy and conserving water. People need to know about these things. I’m finishing up this account of the use and features of my Lustre Craft. My next point is concerning my way of cooking oatmeal: when I bring the steel-cut oatmeal up to a boil will the heat produced be enough to cook?

    I think that everything I ever want to cook can be done with Lustre Craft utensils.

    I checked the YES box on the returned Certificate because I wanted to read more recipes. My girl and hubby did the pineapple upside down cake. They loved the taste.

    Louetta Morse from Sedgwick, Kansas

  • Dear Lustre Craft:
    It was a pleasure to meet you at the PA Farm Show. I was so impressed to see Lustre Craft. I mentioned to you about having my Lustre Craft since 1958. The handle broke on my 2-quart and I threw it [the handle] out. I did not have the heart to throw enclosed pan out, as it is my favorite cooking pot. You mentioned to return it to you and you would replace it. Thank you so much.

    Angie from PA

  • Dear Lustre Craft:
    My wife and I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that we are really enjoying our new cookware. I can’t believe how my eggs taste in the morning along with everything else – amazing! I made some venison stew in our new Slo-Cooker and it was also AMAZING (slooooooww for 7 hours on low.) I gave some to my friend who hunts a lot and makes it himself quite often. He said it was the best venison stew he ever had and wants the recipe. I attribute it to the cookware and maybe a little of my work, too. My favorite is the Kitchen Kutter and the demonstration salad. We love it and we have put a few new twists on it so we don’t get bored of the same ol’ thing. Thank you again!

    Scott and Karen from Livermore, CA

  • Dear Lustre Craft:
    I was so frustrated when I received an article about how horrible and toxic non-stick cookware is and I have been cooking my eggs on them every morning and feeding them to my precious twins! So I immediately switched to my All Clad stainless steel and what a mess that made! I barely got out any egg as it is all stuck to the bottom! When you were so kind as to give me one of your AMAZING pans to try, I came right home and cooked and egg. It worked wonders! Today I decided to truly test the difference by using your pan and my All Clad pan and cooking an egg at the same time. In both pans, I used the exact amount of olive oil and cooked both on medium to medium low. Bottom line is my $90 All Clad pan is going in the trash! Thanks a million!


  • Dear Lustre Craft:
    I would like o commend Mr. Mark Payne. I was a fellow exhibitor at the Better Home and Living show of New Hampshire this past weekend at the Hampshire Dome in Milford, NH. Mark was incredible and I truly cannot say enough good things about him. His kind demeanor and insatiable desire to make people happy will take him very far with, well, anyone. You are lucky to have such a showman with your organization.

    He treated me, my lady, and my six-month-old like we were part of his family and took care of us to the best of his abilities. We decided to make our purchase of the Deluxe set. He has so far exceeded our expectations and delivered upon his promises EARLY!

    I could go on for quite a bit about him…please make sure to get him some major shows coming up, he will do wonders for you! Aside from Mark, I can’t wait to get our new cookware!

    Benjamin from MA

  • Dear Lustre Craft:
    My husband and I were just over at the Venture County Fair. We watched one of your cooking demonstrations. I just wanted to say the girl who did the presentation, Denise Duncan, was absolutely wonderful. I’m in my high eighties and I’ve watched cooking demonstrations all my life.

    Denis has a wonderful personality. She was really friendly and she could convey all about the cookware and all in such a lovely way. She put on a long demonstration, and nobody left. We all enjoyed it.

    I just thought her higher ups should know that. She is such an asset to your company. It was a joy to watch her. You certainly do have beautiful cookware. It’s absolutely gorgeous. I just want to say thank you and give Denise a good plug, because she certainly deserves it. And of course, we got to sample the food, too.

    Virginia Granger from CA

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