Customer Reviews

  • Dear Lustre Craft:
    I love the fact that I don’t have to use any oil or butter when cooking. I made chicken breasts that were some of the best I’ve had! I definitely share your information with my foods students here at Badger Middle School. I truly believe you have a winner in the Lustre Craft line!

    Sally from West Bend, WI

  • Dear Lustre Craft:
    I have a little 1 quart pan that I’ve had for a very long time. I use it so much as I live in a home where we are fed our dinner but must make our other meals. (I’m 93 years old.) Nothing burns in my little 60-year-old pan. Thanks for such a great, long-lasting, product.

    Mrs. Ruth Knadle from Inwood, IA

  • Dear Lustre Craft:
    We went to a demonstration of your products at a friend’s home in 1983. We were so impressed by the display that we purchased a set. Since that time we have never had to purchase any other cookware. Your cookware has probably been the best purchase we have made since then. We promote all of your pieces to everyone. Thank you for everything!

    Julie from Layton, Utah

  • Dear Lustre Craft:
    It has been great to use for cooking for our family of 7 for 45 years. It has served us well and it’s wonderful not to use grease or water.

    Richard from Council Bluffs, IA

  • Dear Lustre Craft:
    Super! They last for many generations. They look the same as they did 34 years ago. I love to stack them up and cook!

    Rudy from Camillus, NY

  • Dear Lustre Craft:
    I have used it for 30 years. My son, a chef, tried mine and loved it! Now he has his very own set.

    Eleanor from Choctaw, OK

  • Dear Lustre Craft:
    I love it! I save on buying vitamins. Healthy cooking does it alone.

    Charles from Texas

  • Dear Lustre Craft:
    I purchased the Lustre Craft Basic Set in June of 2001 after watching a demonstration at the fair. I weighed 290 lbs. at the time and was very unhappy with what fast foods had done to my body. I was able to cook my meals at home in the same time it took to go out and get fast food or junk. By January of 2002 I weighed in at 215 lbs. without going on a fad diet. I had just good food at home. At the first demonstration they mentioned the effects of aluminum on memory loss and that was me. I removed all aluminum from my diet, including pans and soda cans. My memory is back and clear.

    Paul from California

  • Dear Lustre Craft:
    I just had to let you know about the meal we just had, that my wife Cathy made in twenty minutes using the Lustre Craft Cookware we purchased at you Orlando show.

    Cathy prepared haddock fillets, seasoned with a drop of olive oil, Seafood Seasoning (Farmer Bros.) and a little oregano leaf. She also prepared fresh broccoli (on low is all you need to know.) I have never had broccoli with such natural color and flavor. The haddock flaked just perfectly.

    Another quick message about the sausage Cathy made the other day for breakfast. She made our usual sausage (but with no grease or water added.) I asked where she got the “great new type of sausage,) and she laughed and said that it was what we always have.

    When you make such an investment as two sets you wonder if you made a good move. Now my only thought is “Why did I wait so many years to purchase the magnificent cookware?”

    An added extra, blood pressure had dropped ten points since going grease-less.

    Thanks and we look forward to your email updates.

    Cathy and Ed Radik from Titusville, FL

  • Dear Lustre Craft:
    It just dawned on me when I was doing my dishes, how long I’ve had my set of Lustre Craft cookware. It has been at least forty-three years and they are still going strong. I can’t say enough about the quality of this product. I use it every day and I couldn’t tell you how many meals and how many batches of fudge they’ve been through and they don’t disappoint. My kids have tried to get me to switch to Teflon cookware and have bought it for me only to have to throw it away because after a while, it starts peeling and really looks bad. I’m sixty-seven years old and when my husband purchased it, I told him it was too expensive, but he bought it anyway. I am so glad he did. My dear husband passed away six years ago and his legacy goes on. Again, thank you for making such a great product.

    JoAnne Fisher from Huntington, Indiana

  • Dear Lustre Craft:
    This cookware is absolutely amazing. The most prominent feature of the cookware, in my opinion, is not that is waterless, but that it heats evenly. I have a thirty year old electric range that is not suitable for most cookware, as the heat is not evenly distributed. With Lustre Craft, I can cook on a not so level burner and it does not affect the distribution of heat of the cookware. I care for my cookware according to the manufacturer’s instructions and the cookware remains in nearly the same condition as when I purchased it. I have never set my burner above the medium setting, so as one can exercise patience in cooking, this is definitely cookware for life.

    Thank you Lustre Craft!

    Matthew Zubia from Ridgecrest, CA

  • Dear Lustre Craft:
    I have never had a kitchen product better than my Family Set of pots, purchased in 1985!

    James Wear from Hilton Head Island, SC

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