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  • Dear Company,
    I purchased my Lustre Craft while in college at Pittsburg, Kansas in 1960-63., from Clay and Sharon Joseph. I am a proud owner who has raised a family with this cookware and still using it with my grandchildren!

    Betty from Kansas

  • I purchased my cookware in 1956 at a steel-co dinner party. they are just like new at this date. i will continue using them and pass them on to my family.
    they are fantastic cookware!! I have lost my booklet with instructions and recipe’s- and would like to obtain these items.

    Betty Blake from East Tawas. MI

  • I was starting my senior year of High School in 1970, graduating in 1971. A door to door salesman, who I suppose got the names of the girls graduating, came around. He was selling the LustreCraft cookware and you got a Lane Cedar Chest. Bought them, now 47 years later, I still have both. I have moved several times and lost my small sauce pan and somehow ended up with two lids of the same size, but I have never thought about buying any other cookware. Oh Yeah…a handle broke off of a pan and was fixed, that was about 15 years ago.

    Cheryl from Washington, PA

  • I purchased a set of pans from a very determined salesman. He must have stopped at my house at least a dozen times. When he finally stopped one day and I answered the door he almost didn’t believe it was me . I have five sisters and he thought I was one of them. But to his surprise he caught me and I loved the pans. Two years later I married the man I have spent the last forty five years with. Those pans have been used every single day and they look almost like new. My husband does all the cooking now because we are both retired. I really thank that salesman for being so vigilant. The only thing I’ve had to do is order a couple of handles for pans and covers. Thank you Lustre Craft for a wonderful product.

    Sherry Doubleday from Schuylerville, NY

  • I purchased my set of cookware in December 1959. I got married in April 1960 and have been using them ever since. Some freebies came with it, towels, dishes and silverware. Some of my family laughs about my old heavy great cookware. My husband and I have purchased additional cookware, but they didn’t last long and were not cheap. Thank you for your great product. Glad to know you are still in business!!!!!
    Carolyn from Indy.

    Carolyn from Indy

  • In 1973, I was a young newlywed and not a very good cook. I received a special offer to purchase a set of Lustre Craft cookware at a discounted price. It was still expensive but the offer allowed me to pay monthly. Through many trials and errors, I learned to prepare great food and my pots and pans, none the worse for wear, remain beautiful to this day.

    Carol from Washington, DC

  • I purchased my set of luster craft cookware in 1956. I was a junior in high school and made monthly payments on it. We got married In 1958 and I have used only luster craft cookware for 59 years and have never purchased any other cookware. Only one mishap the handles on my roaster broke off from baking in the oven. I will pass my cookware to my daughter

    Darlene Saine from Lima ohoo

  • Outstanding warranty! We received the Luster Craft sauce pan 50 years ago for a wedding present. The mounting nut for the handle had rusted away after all these years. Luster Craft not only welded on a new nut, but also replaced the handle. Great customer service. Our set will be handed down to generations to come.

    Thanks, again.

    Pat Duffy from San Diego, CA

  • Dear Lustre Craft:

    My mother bought the set when I was 9-10 years old in early ’70s.

    I inherited most of them and still using daily. ca. 5 years ago, we built our own house with all-electric.

    Fortunately or unfortunately, one sauce pan’s handle part was broken and I contacted local agency, who could replace the product to the new version, which can be used for IH-cooking heater.

    Other pans are not for IH-heaters, therefore, we cannot use much except at the radiant heater.

    Even if we have some limitation to use, we still enjoy cooking and being amazed about the quality.

    Lustre Craft is especially very excellent when we cook rice.

    Thank you very much for producing such nice products.

    Hiroko from Japan

  • My husband bought me the family set of pans in 2000 I am still using them today and love cooking . I expect this set will last my life time and plan to buy my children the same cook ware someday. I would highly recommend this product to any one who loves to cook or has a big family.

    penny l berg from stillwater,ok 74075

  • Let me start off by saying. I am from a Italian family. So with that said we take cooking serious . I am the youngest of 4. I am 42 years old now and growing up my Mom was always cooking. She only had one set of Pots and Pans that I can remember seeing her use. That was Lustre Craft. I have 2 older sisters that have the same set my Mom had. I found out later in life that when my Mom got her set she also got a set for each of my Sisters who were not even teenagers at the time. So Yes both my sisters still have the cookware too. It’s been about 5 years since my Mom passed away and I have her set she used to cook for us. Now I am using that same cookware to cook meals for my family. It is in the best shape and it has to be 35 years old if I had to guess. It is truly a had me down cookware because I would be able to pass it down to my Kids. Love them.

    Anthony from St Petersburg-Florida

  • I bought my cookware in 1983 and gave it to my mother. It’s the only cookware she has used all these years. The knob on one of the tops has broke but it still works. Who would have ever thought it would still be in excellent condition after all these years!

    Dawn Harden Keels from Atlanta, Ga

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