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The Total Kitchen set includes :

1qt sauce pan w/ cover
2qt sauce pan w/cover
3qt sauce pan w/cover
4qt stock pot w/cover
4qt gourmet cooker
6qt stock pot w/ cover
6qt gourmet cooker
8qt stock pot w/ cover
12qt stock pot w/ cover
16qt stock pot w/ cover

9” skillet w/ cover
10” skillet w/ cover
12” skillet w/ cover
7″ saute skillet
8.5” saute skillet
11.5 saute skillet
Square griddle
Wok w/cover
Jumbo skillet w/cover

Small dome
Large dome

Pie pan
Round Cake Pan
9×13 Bake & Roast Pan
Large cookie sheet
Medium cookie sheet
Loaf Pan
Jelly roll pan

*Kitchen Kutter
*Slow cooker base
Fondue set
Slow cooker base
4qt Fat-free rack
6qt Fat-free rack

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  1. Excellent

    5 out of 5

    I am still using some of the pieces from a 40 year old set. Love it. I especialy love the aspect that soak it for 5 minutes and it comes right clean most times.

  2. Excellent

    5 out of 5

    I was 18 when I bought my set. I am now 61 and I’m still using my cookware. I have tried many other kinds of cookware over the years and have never found any that compare . It’s easy to clean and has lasted the test of time and it still looks shiny.

  3. Excellent

    5 out of 5

    bought my set in 1974 and I am still using them and loving them. and I am 62 and they are all in one piece and I have never replaced any part on them.. Love the way my food comes out when cooking. Best buy I have ever made

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